Saturday, March 23, 2013

Visiting Friends

Friday we ventured out to visit our friends Steve and Dianne who winter near Foley, AL.  The ride was to take about an hour and twenty minutes. It did take a while longer.  We ran into some road construction that delayed us for about 20 minutes.  Next we took a wrong turn, and another wrong turn and finally had to call Steve for directions.  Steve stayed on the phone until we found him.

The park they are in is really nice with large spaces, wide roads and long pads for parking your RV.  Friends Jerome and Bonnie have their 5th wheel parked right behind Steve and Dianne.  We did not see Jerome and Bonnie as they were not home.

They took us to lunch  in New Hope, AL.  Steve's birthday was coming up so we told our waitress and she brought him chocolate cake, ice cream with whipped topping  and four spoons.  Ummm, ummmm.

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On the way back to their park, I happened to mention that I didn’t get any boiled peanuts so far this trip.  Just at that moment we were approaching a place they knew that sold peanuts. We managed to get the last bag of boiled peanuts they had. 

We returned to their park and said our goodbyes.  We took the southern route, which took us along the beach front in Alabama and Florida.  Traffic was heavy through the touristy places but at least there was no construction.

It was good to see Steve and Dianne.

Later I ate too many boiled peanuts and had a tummy ache.

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