Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making Our Way Along Florida’s Gulf Coast

We left Bradenton Monday morning and began heading toward Pensacola.  Our first stop was to be Old Town, FL and Old Town RV Park & Retreat.  We selected this one because it was a Passport America Park.  With a $50 Passport America membership you get 50% off at participating parks.  We have made up the $50 membership fee and then some already. 

Well the Old town RV Park & Retreat was okay. We had cable and WiFi, as well as water and electric. While it wasn’t exactly what we are accustomed to it was very quiet and the owner and other campers were all very pleasant.

Tonight we are staying at Ho-Hum RV Park, in Carrabelle, FL.  This is not a a Passport America park. It is right on the beach as you can see from the photo below.  The beach is not very wide, but it is beach.  There is a very long fishing pier.  Dogs are welcome on the beach here, which is nice. For other dogs.  Quark tries to roll on anything washed up by the tide, the smellier the better. Harley is afraid of the water and waves.  Surprise, Surprise.P1040072P1040073P1040075P1040076

ho hum rv park 

We were going to go on to Mexico Beach to another Passport park but when we called to get a space the office lady said do you have a slide because the only remaining spot was tight.  So we saw Ho Hum on the way and we decided to see if we could get in.  They had one two-night space left and we took it. 

Tomorrow we will head out to explore.  We had a restaurant recommendation from our neighbor here, The Blue Parrot Oceanfront Café on St. George Island.  We will go there for lunch.  We’ll see what else we find.

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