Friday, March 15, 2013

The First full Day in Bradenton

In the morning, we went to the local Walmart for groceries and a haircut for me.  Hate my new haircut, by-the-way. Then met Amy and the Grandkids at the Bennett Park 5 minutes away.  We are very pleased with the location of the RV park, as it is close proximity to the Amy and Dave’s house, Walmart and the above mentioned Bennett Park.

We brought a kite along and Brandon and Ally were able to fly the kite in the cool brisk wind.  It was only in the 60s and pretty chilly in the shade.  Jacob liked the slide and the swing.P1040002P1040004P1040016P1040017 

After the park we returned to the trailer.  We planned a steak supper with salad, baked potato and pineapple casserole. 

The Ally and Brandon were excited to Quark and Harley.  They would love to  have a pet but both Amy and Ally are allergic, making that impossible.  As it is they both need to take Zirtec [sp?] to visit the trailer and must wash their hands after touching the dogs. 


Ally and Brandon wanted to spend the night with us.  Ally did not have a reaction at all all after noon so she thought it would be okay.  Well she bravely made it to almost 11 a.m. when she had to call it quits.  We called the house and said we would be bringing her home.

Brandon stayed the night and got some one-on-one attention from Nana and Papa and Quark and Harley.  Brandon is a true animal lover.


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