Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Leak, Dinner and Sleep

After setting up at Grand Old RV Park at about 11:30 a.m., Tom went to fuel the truck. On the way into the campground he almost got T-boned, jeeze. There is road construction in front of the campground entrance that has been going on over a year. The have built a new bridge over Mansker Creek.  The bridge is mostly done but the intersection at Hwy 31 W and Old Springfield Pike is a mess. This is the problem there are concrete barriers obscuring driver’s visibility as they try to enter southbound Hwy 31W in front of the campground.

Meanwhile, I was doing some cleaning, planned longish shower (RVers know there is really no such thing as a l-o-n-g shower as you are limited to 6 gallons of hot water) and then dinner prep as Tommy and Grig were coming for supper.  It didn’t go as I expected.  When sweeping the bathroom floor I found water along the baseboard.  My first thought was the melting ice on the roof (which, by-the-way was still dripping Saturday morning-day-3).  So when Tom got home, he discovered the real problem was the toilet.  There was a teeny, tiny crack in the water valve on the back of the toilet and under pressure it was shooting out a fine stream of water that hit the wall, running down to the baseboard. I guess the previous owner didn’t winterize it properly before he traded the trailer in.  At least it was fixable.

First he tried to jerry-rig something with some kind of tape but that didn’t work so Tom made a trip to Camping World in Nashville and got the part. On the way back into the campground he almost got T-boned a second time, jeeze.  He had it fixed in no-time.

Now it was time to get ready for supper. Couldn’t do it earlier as I couldn’t turn the water on because there was no shut off valve at the toilet and it would have leaked again. We were having salad, shrimp stir fry in a kit—veggies, noodles, shrimp and sauce, wine and Tommy and Grig were bringing dessert. Had the table set with our best camping Corelle, real stainless flatware and glass stemware. Usually it’s paper plates and plastic ware. I wish I would have taken a photo. Oh, well.

The dinner was wonderful and the Italian Wedding Cake they brought for dessert was yummy. We visited until shortly after 8 p.m. when we called it a night.  The lack of a good nights sleep two nights in a row and one glass of wine really caught up with me and I was becoming poor company really fast. I took a Tylenol PM, left the dishes till morning and was in bed by 8:30. I got the best nights’ sleep I have had in a long time.  However, Quark and Harley wanted out around 5 a.m and I was still fuzzy from the Tylenol PM.  That’s why I don’t take them too often.

So we packed in another day full of adventure.

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