Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slow Start This Morning

It was quite chilly this morning in Montgomery.  I dressed for Florida as I didn’t want to appear weird at gas stations and rest stops along the way.  That was a good plan if all I had to do was walk the dogs and help hook up.

Whenever we hook up we check the tail lights before we leave.  This did not go as planned.  The right tail light was did not work.  So Tom took the red lens cover off and the bulb was broken.  What probably happened was the seal around the lens leaked during the downpours yesterday and water hit the bulb and broke it .  Who knows when it burnt out.  We may have been driving like that all day. 

Tom looked in his parts box and sure enough we have been carrying  the old style bayonet-style base bulbs not the new-style push-in bulbs.  We needed to fuel-up and we thought the BP gas station right in front of the campground might have bulbs. Silly us. There was no attendant on duty. Now what.  There were two gas stations across five lanes of traffic. One was a Kangaroo station and the other a Travel America, that’s where I headed, jogging across those five lanes of traffic to the Travel America.  When I got there I was huffing and puffing. The bulb display was right in front of the checkout, good.  However, my glasses were dark from being outside and I was having trouble seeing.  I looked for a few seconds and decided to ask a customer at the checkout to help.  He easily found the one I needed, I thanked him profusely, paid the cashier and jogged back across the five lanes of traffic with my prize.

When I was gone Tom was filling the truck. While the pump was running Tom was cleaning and drying the tail light.  Who knew the pump shut off was not working.  When he smelled gas he knew something was wrong and discovered what had happened and got it shut off.  I wonder how many others had the same problem.

Tom quickly had the bulb in and gooped up the lens so water couldn’t get back in and did the other one and we were off.

We chose to travel to Florida via I-65 to avoid I-75 through Atlanta.  It wasn’t much longer going I-6,5 however at Montgomery we took U. S. Highway 231 to I-10 and east to I-75 at Lake City, FL.  Hwy 231 is a four lane mostly divided highway and it was in good shape and we were able to maintain 60 mph except through towns.  It was actually a pretty pleasant ride.

We arrived at Oaks ‘n Pines RV Campground.  It has all full hookups, cable and WiFi.P1030987

There are actually palms in this photo, can you see them?

As we were heading south of Nashville there were more and more signs of spring.  Trees budding near Birmingham, redbuds blooming south of Montgomery and near the Alabama-Florida border Azaleas.

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