Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nolensville and Dinner Theater

I got the dinner dishes from last night washed, dried and put away first thing when I got up and then finally got my long awaited shower. At 8:30 we were to be at Tommy and Grig’s for breakfast. 
They made a ham and cheese quiche with eggs from their own chickens.  It was very good.  We got a chance to check email and watch Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Before too long we were off to Nolensville.

RareBirdSignNolensville is a rural community southwest of Nashville. The old part of town is basically antiques and gift shops.  Tommy and Grig like to look in antique shops to find things for their home and also to get pricing ideas, as they buy items as Goodwill, rummage and estate sales, for their booth at the Rare Bird Antique Mall in Goodlettsville. They had a shop, The Mill an Amish grocery and bakery shop.  They also had entertainment. No not Amish folk, here’s a video.

In the evening we went to the Larry Keeton Theater for dinner and a show. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  You don’t really go there for the food, which was okay. You go for the show, which was 2-hours of music and hilarious comedy.  It was definitely for a grown-up audience as the songs and dialog contained terms such as get laid, balls and ass.  Oh my, you would have thought there was nudity on stage.  There was a church group there and I understand the the person the organized it was apologizing up, down and sideways for taking them to such a show.  What a bunch of pretentious prudes. Why, if it was so objectionable, didn't they leave?
They keep the cost down by allowing groups to come in and serve meals for tips. A nice way to give back to the community.
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