Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Afternoon at Longboat Key

We spent the afternoon as guests of Dave’s parents at their condo on Longboat Key.  The complex has, I would say, hundreds of condos. The condo association has private Gulf beachfront access across the highway from the condos as well as having a pier on the Sarasota Bay side where there is a boat dock for residents’ use. There is a nice pool, manicured lawn and a pavilion where there is a communal barbeque grill and patio tables as well as picnic tables with umbrellas closer to the pier.


Their condo is nicely positioned as it faces the pool but the front and kitchen doors and bathroom windows are in the open walkway facing the bay.  This allows breeze to flow through the condo at almost any time.  They have a 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit.  Some condos in the complex are as large as 4-bedrooms.


The girls and Jacob went to the pool. Ally and Jacob, and later Brandon, went in while the ladies sunned ourselves and talked.  The two grandpas, Brandon and Dave went fishing. Brandon caught a snakefish and was the only one to catch anything, After a while they joined us and we played a couple of hands of UNO. Then it was time to prep for dinner so we went inside.  They had signed up for the pavilion so we could barbeque and eat our there.  We had hot dogs, hamburgers and salad.    After dinner we watched Brandon fish for a while then went back upstairs with all the dinner plates, salad dressings etc. and shortly afterwards head home.  I have to say that the traffic going over the bridges, to Longboat Key in the earlier in the day and from in the afternoon is a mess. It was a pretty ride and, as Dave drove, we got to enjoy the view.


We saw this huge statue in a waterfront park in Sarasota as we were headed home.

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