Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears and No-See-Ums, Oh, My

After a pancake breakfast a the trailer Friday morning, we returned to the Amy and Dave’s for lunch and more visiting.  Dave can work from home sometimes and was doing so that morning but was free after lunch when we all took and excursion to Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.  They have been rescuing big cats since 1987.

In addition to lions, tigers, a black leopard, a cougar, and smaller cats including a bobcat, they have Grizzly Bears, various European and Asian bears they have goats, monkeys of various types, birds of the parrot family and emus.P1040030P1040031P1040039


After the Big Cat Habitat we went to Anna Maries Oyster Bar for supper.  We got there early with all the seniors.  The restaurant has a Friday special, Fish and Chips $2 off from 3-4 and $1 off from 4-5.  The wait was 45-minutes but we finally got in and had a great meal.


Back to the trailer so Ally and Brandon could walk the dogs again.

I did mention No See Ums in the title for a reason.  Those little buggers have been pestering us at the campsite.  But by far the most tasty person is me. They even found me in the trailer until we closed the door and windows for the night.

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