Monday, March 4, 2013

Technically it’s Still Winter . . .

. . . so what can we expect when it’s March 4 and the forecast says 6-10” of heavy snow. 

It seems like we have had to shovel snow about twice a week for the entire month of February.  In fact, according to the weather man on TV, Madison has had their snowiest February on record.  I can’t locate weather statistics for Janesville on the internet to see how we compare to Madison.  The snowfall reported on the TV weather map often shows quite a difference between Janesville and Madison. Sometimes Janesville has more, sometimes Madison.  However, if Janesville’s snow was recorded at the airport, the totals would be significantly different than here as the two lactations are at the extreme opposite ends of town.

So my weather report is:  It’s been snowing a heck of a lot, we have been blowing/shoveling a heck of a lot and tonight we are expecting a heck of a lot.

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