Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pack and Play

We have had our new trailer for about 3-weeks.  We are planning a trip in the near future so we do need to get the trailer loaded.

We have been trying to load our things in a way that things we use most are easily accessible and the load is balanced overall. The problems loading a trailer over a period of weeks and in winter-time  are you forget what you have already put away and you cannot load anything that will freeze. I keep putting things into a box I have in the front hall to load later.

2010-forest-river-surveyor-sport sp275 -floorplans

There are little tweaks you need to do to any new trailer for convenience and to make it your own.  So far we have installed a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, added shelves in the medicine cabinet, a bathroom cupboard and the pantry, mounted a digital thermometer, and added coat hooks inside the door.  In the last trailer we hung photos of family and trips we have taken using “On Command” strips. We may do that again but will hold off on that for a while.  It’s so cold we need to run the furnace when we go out there for any length of time to do something. I wonder how much LP we have used so far.

This trailer weighs 600 lbs. more than our Trail Sport and I believe that the only thing I have actually added is an extra blanket. So I’m happy about that. We do have a lot more space to put things, so it is tempting to load more.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why We Decided to Trade-in Our Trailer

Well we gave the R-Vision a whole camping season before deciding it wasn’t working for us.

2008 R-Vision Trail-Sport TS23FDS floorplan

2010-forest-river-surveyor-sport sp275 -floorplans

2010 Forest River Surveyor

We thought we could deal with the corner bed, but for the following reasons, it didn’t work for us: (Yes, we sound like Goldilocks)

Original 4” mattress too thin.

Purchased a 4” memory foam mattress to place on top of the original.  It was too hot.

It was 3/4 size and too small for the two of us and two Chihuahuas.

It was a corner bed, enclosed 2/3 the way around with a single bunk overhead making it very difficult to get in and out.

Storage was lacking or inaccessible. 

Under-bed storage was a two-person job to access, so we stopped using it altogether.

Bathroom storage was just a tiny medicine cabinet and cabinet under the sink.  We had to store our personal toiletries elsewhere.

To access the storage behind the sofa, you had to lay the sofa flat then reach across or climb on the sofa to get stored items-rarely used that area.


No drawers for silverware, only sliding bins inside the cabinet.

Clothing storage

There was one small wardrobe which served for our outerwear.

The shirt closet was short so shirts fold at the bottom—forget skirts or dresses.

Every time we stopped for the night, we would have to rehang everything in the shirt closet as we would find it all on the bottom in a heap.

Outside storage

One small compartment

Could not get TV reception

We determined that the wiring within the trailer from the wall jack to the antenna on the roof was bad.

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