Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost . . .

We dug out again this morning.  Charlie on Channel 15 said we had 8.9” of snow yesterday.  Tom did most with the snow blower: drive, sidewalk, between the trailer and house and the fireplug in front. I did clear the knee-high drift on the left side of the trailer.  I also raked the roof in the front hopefully to prevent ice dams with the upcoming rain and freezing nights. I was thankful that the back of the house didn’t have much snow so it didn’t need to be raked.

We wanted everything in good order as we are leaving in the morning.  We got everything in but the fridge stuff, and a few other perishables.  Dog crates are in the truck and the boys are getting nervous.

We hooked the trailer to the truck this afternoon. Two of the wooden blocks were frozen to the stabilizers the other two were frozen to the concrete as were the blocks under the jack.  The electric cord has been disconnected from the house and stowed in the back of the truck.  All we need to do in the morning is batten down the house, forward the phone load the rest of the stuff, connect the electric cable to the truck and check the lights.

Between clearing the snow and readying the trailer we made a trip to Shopko for Old Fart Day (Senior Day).  Hey a 15% discount is a 15% discount.

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