Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where’s Walmart

The new Walmart in Truth or Consequences is so new it is off the grid.  We have three GPS’ between us and it wasn’t on any of them.

When we returned from Hillsboro we wanted to do two things: search for the hot springs in  town and find Walmart. 

2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2757 We found one of the hot springs.  Like all the hot springs Riverbend is privately owned.  The manager actually let us come in and look around.   They have two hot springs on the property.  In the public area there are five pools.  The hottest comes right from the spring and the other four are fed from that.  The water temperature right from the spring is 108 and less from pool to pool.  You can spend one hour in the public spring for $10 per person.  They also have three private, clothing optional pools, each in a private outdoor room.  These go for $15 per person.  All the spring pools are free of charge to motel guests.

As we were leaving the hot springs Sherry spotted a coyote on the river bank.  We stopped the car and in true tourist form snapped a few pics.2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2758

There were also catfish in the river making odd sucking sounds at the water’s surface.

The search for Walmart continued.  I stopped to ask someone for directions.  When his sentence ended with, “you can’t miss it,” I knew we were in trouble.  Sure enough, never did find the Walmart this go-round.

When we returned to the RVs, we took naps.  Later we decided to try again.  I had looked the Walmart up online and got the address, so we were set.  With this new information the trip there and back was easy.

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