Thursday, September 30, 2010

Canyon Breezes

The winds woke me up this morning.  The gusts are shaking the RV.  This morning’s news called them breezes--8-10 mph with gusts of 40 mph.  They say that they are caused by a front passing through the area and expect them to die down throughout the day. I am glad we are not driving the RV this morning.  The front is expected to bring somewhat cooler temperatures.

Today we will be taking the car and heading to the Salinas Pueblo Missions near Mountainair, NM.  Our neighbors here (two couples from Oak Lawn, IL, (also heading to the Balloon Fiesta) at the campground visited the missions yesterday and said they enjoyed their visit. 

Later today we will be topping off the water tank and charging all of our electronics—phones, computer, camera and mp3 player, as we will be dry camping (no water or electric hookups) for four nights beginning Friday.  We will need to run the generator each day to charge up the coach batteries so we will have power for lights, furnace and water pump; the fridge will run on LP.  This will be the longest we have dry camped.

fiestarv.pdf We heard from our friend Bob yesterday and he and Sue are already at the Balloon Fiesta grounds.  Friends Butch and Cindy will be arriving there any time also.  Both couples are staying in another section.  We opted for the VIP Section and will be very close to all the action.  We cannot arrive in our section before noon on Friday.  Mass Ascensions will take place Saturday and Sunday mornings and on those evenings there will be Balloon Glows and AfterGlow Fireworks Show. We are going to have some very unhappy dogs because of the fireworks.  Also we don’t know how they will react to the sound of the balloons.Other events are scheduled.

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