Monday, September 20, 2010

Rocks-Painted,Wood and Fallen

After leaving Gallup, our little caravan travelled west  on I-40.  We stopped at the Arizona Visitor Center, but discovered it was closed.  We had another time change.  Arizona does not change to Daylight Savings Time so we are now two hours off.  We never really adjusted to one hour.

2010 09 19_09 19 Petrified Forest-Painted desert_2288

Our next stop was the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest.  By the time we reached the PD/PF the temperature was getting pretty high.  We made the usual stops and took lots of pictures.  What did us in though, was a rather long loop and we took with the dogs.  Both Sherry and I had to carry our dogs off and on, which added to our misery.  I had one dog in each arm and as I went along my arms drooped lower and lower until they were at hip level and I had to put them down.  Little Romeo who is usually full of energy slowed way down and when we finally got to a covered overlook he laid down in the shade to rest. 2010 09 19_09 19 Petrified Forest-Painted desert_2315

Next stop was Meteor Crater RV Park and Meteor Crater.  As we exited the interstate and stopped to make a left turn on to the road to the park our RV bogged down and chugged.  If finally picked up speed and we parked and registered.  The RV park had an entrance gate that was opened to let us in and that’s where our RV decided to quit and not restart.  Tom had me get into my little car and push.  All I could think was that we would have two broken vehicles, but what could I do.  Was I surprised when the little car was able to push 14,000 lbs. around the campground to our space.  We have seen signs on the back of toads (vehicles being towed by motorhomes) that read, “I’m pushing this big motorhome as fast as I can,” didn’t expect it to be true.

Tom figured it was the fuel filter as the exact thing happened five years ago.  After much calling around he decided to change it himself. So Jim, Sherry and I were off to Meteor Crater. 

50,000 years ago a meteor 150 feet across came speeding into the earth’s atmosphere and hit the earth with a force greater than 20 million tons of TNT.  The resulting crater was 700 feet deep and over 4,000 feet across.  Pieces of rock and metal were thrown over a mile from the site of impact.  It is truly a wonder to see.2010 09 20_09 20 meteor crater-hopi res_2322  

When we returned to the RV park Tom had finished installing the fuel filter. 

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