Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 New Mexico Trip

Got an early start this morning.  The weather had cooled considerably, so the morning was crisp.  The clouds would disappear later in the day but not the wind.

First thing we needed gas and stopped at the travel center nearest our home.  After jockeying for pump space that would accommodate 32’ of motorhome plus car, we cued up behind a car and waited.  Finally a fella came out of the store and then began to fill up.   When he finally finished we pulled up to the pump and Tom “swiped” the credit card and nothing, so he headed into the store.  He was told that their credit card equipment was down and we could fill up but would need to pay cash. We left.  Not having the use of their credit card equipment had to really hurt business as hardly anyone carries cash for gas.  So we motored up the road and got gas for $.06 less per gallon.  So much for an early start.

2010 09 03_0973I-80 Construction 

When we got on to the I-90 it became  apparent just how windy it was.  Flags we saw were blowing straight out indicating a fierce cross-wind.  Tom fought the cross-wind for 98 miles, then a head-wind I-80 and construction for another 16 miles and the remainder was cross-wind but it was more protected and not nearly as bad as the wide open prairies of Illinois along I-39.

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