Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adventures in Hillsboro

We decided to stay another night in Elephant Butte.  We wanted to tour a little town called Hillsboro.  The drive was more scenic than yesterday.  We were further into the mountains and the mountains actually had trees on them.

When we arrived in Hillsboro nothing was open.  We were too early.  So we headed to the next town, Kingston.  As it turned out we blinked and missed the town.  As we continued past the town we saw a sign for a cemetery but missed it.  We turned around when we realized that the cluster of building we saw was in fact Kingston.  This gave us the opportunity to visit the cemetery after all.  There was a style leading into the cemetery which had barbed wire across the front.  It seemed that it was within rangeland.  I wish I would have thought to get a shot of the style.

2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2712

It was hard to know just how many graves were in the cemetery as it was over grown.  2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2716 This is the grave of a Mexican and Civil War Veteran.

As we returned to Hillsboro we stopped at a rock shop.  I asked if they any jewelry making tools.  Stacy was willing to sell us a set of her own personal tools.  We declined the offer but bought crimps, crimp covers and beading wire. 

2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2745 Stacy recommended the bacon mushroom cheeseburger at the General Store Cafe for lunch.  So we headed there.  When we arrived there were four people in the place.  As it turned out the key to eating here was to make reservations and place your order at the same time.  Tom was getting frustrated with the hour-long wait.  The cook and waitress were the only staff.  

2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2756 Our burgers finally arrived and were great.  Jim and Sherry wanted to try the Bumbleberry pie, but getting the waitress’ attention was impossible.  Jim finally went to the counter, she walked past him several times before she acknowledged him.2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2746Getting to pay for it all was another thing.  The picture below says it all.2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2754

As it turns out there weren’t any other business open in town.  2010 09 28_Hillsboro T or C MN_2755

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