Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Bernardo

2010 09 29_kiva rv park-belen_2799We are at Kiva RV Park in beautiful Bernardo, NM.  They pack at the park.  Yes, pack pistols.  Other than that the park owners rescue horses, donkeys, mules, guinea pigs, goats and rooters. 

The donkeys were on death row.  Some cruel people use the donkeys for roping practice and displace their hips and they are sent to the slaughterhouse.  Unbelievable the ways cruelty  can be inflicted on innocent animals.

2010 09 29_kiva rv park-belen_2794We took the dogs over to see the animals.  Harley was true-to-form afraid of everything.  Quark was interested in all of them.  He was nose to nose with the goats and an rooster.  I was afraid to let him get too close to the horses and donkeys, didn’t want him to get stepped on.

2010 09 29_kiva rv park-belen_2765 Also went today to visit the Harvey House in Belen, NM.  Fred Harvey had a chain of restaurants along the Santa Fe Railroad route from Chicago through the southwest.  Young women were recruited to be Harvey Girls, waitress’ in Harvey’s restaurants.  The was a Judy Garland movie called, “The Harvey Girls.”

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