Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Rocky Start

After a rainy night, we were up early and ready to go—almost.

We pulled our RV next to Jim and Sherry’s and discovered that their RV would not start.  There was an RV repair outfit at the Samboree so Sherry went to where they had been set up.  They were gone!  Now what?  It’s Labor Day it will be difficult to find someone to come out.  They called their insurance who tried to find someone to come out for them but no luck.  So they asked Rich, a Rocky Roller friend.  Rich came over and crawled under the RV.  (You need to know that the RV was raised up on leveling jacks.) So Rich is under the RV poking around with his tester and discovered that there was juice going to the solenoid so that was good.  Rich worked some magic under there and the engine started . . . and the jacks began raise up and lower the RV on to Rich.  Screaming ensued, Jim raised the RV again and Rich wasn’t squished. OMG! We thanked Rich, said our goodbyes to the rest of our group and were finally on the road.

The wind that kept us cool all weekend had not subsided and we had a strong head-wind.  A head-wind is preferable to a cross-wind.  A head-wind eats up the gas but it is easier to control the RV.  A cross-wind makes driving a constant struggle.

We planned a short day for the first day or our adventure, only 179 miles.  We arrived at the campground about 12:30 p.m.  Sherry and Jim called their daughter who lives about a half hour away and arranged for them to visit the campground.  We got to meet the family we have heard so much about and Jim and Sherry got to see their three-week-old grandson. 

2010 09 06_0991

L to R: Shell, Lexie, Jim, Christopher, Sherry, Joseph, Tomas, Andrew, Tomas’ Mother, Ann and Romeo in front.

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  1. Wow it is so good to finally see Jim & Sherry's family. They sure are cute kids. Sounds like they haven't had any more mechanical trouble. Rich was concerned. Loved reading your blog Sue. Have fun you guys, we are thinking of you. Bonnie