Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Cloudy Day

We got little sleep last night.  I woke up to noises coming from Jim and Sherry’s RV.  I peeked out the window not knowing what to expect and discovered Jim removing stuff from one of his storage compartments.

A faucet had accidentally been left on and the gray water holding tank had filled up and overflowed at the lowest point, the shower.  Beside having water inside, the water had found it’s way into the above mentioned storage area and every thing was soaked. 

Well I woke Tom up and we went outside to help.  We used a sponge to soak up the water and spread the wet items on the camping rug so the wet items could not pick up the sand and dirt from the ground. 

Well, we did what we could and went to bed.  Not long afterwards it began to rain.(When we laid the items out the full moon was shining and only a few clouds drifted by.)  So now the only partially wet items were completely wet.   

The rain had stopped by morning and we moved the rug with the wet items into the sun to dry a little.  We realized after a while that these things would not dry before we had to go so everything was packed away and drying would need to wait.

Some campground photos:

2010 09 22_Camp Verde to Tucson_2493

Our campsites and the wet items on the rug.

2010 09 22_Camp Verde to Tucson_2496

The one of the prickly pear cactus’ mentioned in the last post.  I looked up prickly pear on the internet and found that some varieties have hairless pads and can reach 6 ft. tall.  Varieties also hybridize easily so it is sometimes difficult to identify the species.2010 09 22_Camp Verde to Tucson_2497

There was a clubhouse and an activity center.  The pool and whirlpool were at the clubhouse.  The evening we were there they had bingo.  2010 09 22_Camp Verde to Tucson_2498

Loved this cactus.  It reminded me of Tolkien's Ents, a fictional race of beings that look like trees.

It was a later start this morning--11:15, 9:15 Arizona time. (We have not adjusted to the two-hour time change.) The 211 miles from Camp Verde to Davis-Monthan AFB, where we are staying as Jim and Sherry’s guests took four hours and 45 minutes.  Mountain driving, heat and heavy Phoenix traffic made the ride very stressful and long.2010 09 22_Camp Verde to Tucson_2506

Here is a picture of Jim and Sherry’s RV just about to go around the bend.

The “I” corridor through Phoenix was well maintained. Also homes and businesses along the way were attractive for the most part.2010 09 22_Camp Verde to Tucson_2513

The “I” in Phoenix

We decided to stay at the AFB two nights and skip Tombstone.  We will split up-boys and girls.  The boys will tour the Pima Air  & Space Museum and the girls will tour the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and maybe Biosphere 2 if time permits.

The Agave Gulch FamCamp is beautifully maintained and has full hookups, WiFi and a really nice, enclosed dog park with agility equipment.  The dogs had a blast last evening being able to run and explore.  Quark even remembered some of his agility training.  If Harley would get over his fear of Romeo (Romeo is rambunctious), they could really have some fun.  They are a good match speed-wise. 

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