Monday, September 13, 2010

El Morro: Inscription Rock

2010 09 13_1504

El Morro (the Headland) had a reliable water source at its base. The water made it a popular campsite for the Ancestral Puebloans, Spanish and American travelers.  Over 2,000 petroglyphs, messages, dates and signatures can be found along the base of this sandstone bluff.

2010 09 13_1481

The easy trail to the inscriptions was flanked by beautiful wildflowers. 

2010 09 13_1477

Jim and Sherry wanted to take the trail to the top of the bluff so Tom and I told them to go for it.  They were so glad they did.  It was hard, but Jim said, “it was the best thing they’ve done so far.”  Atop the bluff were Puebloan ruins and inspiring views.  One of the park workers, a Zuni man, related personal stories and legends of his people. A one-on-one like that is so special, the memories will stay with you.

2010 09 13_1501

2010 09 13_1330 Sherry in the clouds2010 09 13_1321 A view of the trail below. Can you see the people?

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