Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Illinois Samboree 2010

We arrived at the Illinois Samboree at around 11:30 a.m.  We were the last of the Rocky Rollers (our camping chapter) to arrive.  We made a good showing and had six units in attendance. 

2010 09 05_0977-crop

We’re the little one in the middle.

2010 09 05_0978

Most of the Rocky Rollers in attendance. 

We got setup just in time for a Dairy Queen run with the group. We love our ice cream. Another must is the Friday night fish fry.  This time it was at the American Legion Post in Henry, IL.  We thought if we got there early we wouldn’t need to wait in line.  Wrong!  The line was already out the door. All Good Sammers trying to beat the crowd as we must get back from supper in time for the evening’s activities.

Samboree Activities included:  Crafts, games-closest to the hole, seed spitting, frisbee toss, ladderball, beanbag baseball.ladies lunch, Rig decorating, flea market and craft show, jam session, pet show, teen and pre-teen activities, Samgo, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, ice cream on Sunday, seminars, popcorn every night after entertainment.

The various chapters hold 50/50 raffles during the Samboree for their charities such as Dogs for the Deaf, Cancer Society and scholarships.  In addition chapters collect tab-tops throughout the year for the Ronald McDonald House.  The tab tops are turned in and weighed per Chapter then a total weight.  There were over 150 lbs. collected. There were 175 rigs present, 19 were from Wisconsin.  The Wisconsinites were asked to stand, then each person was to select a number between 1-50 and the one who got the number won a comp. for the 2011 Samboree (about a $70 value).  Steve and Diane from our group won. Woo Hoo!  Other states represented this year were Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Florida, and Kentucky.

The Friday entertainment couldn’t make it. I heard someone say it was due to Hurricane Earl.  So Good Sam members came forward and pitched in.  There was a couple with accordion that sang and keyboardist. All from Wisconsin I might add.  Everyone seemed pleased with the unexpected change.  Generally if folks stay, it’s a good show. 

Saturday’s entertainment was Glen Reader and Band.  He worked with Country Music legends Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl.  He could really sing and the band members were all extremely talented.  Glen featured each for several songs.

Sunday’s entertainment was Wes Harrison.  His act was sound effects—all done with only the aid of a microphone.  He had worked doing sound effects for Warner Brothers.  He would incorporate the sound effects into stories he told. 

When you arrive you are given a schedule of activities. Then you must go to registration to receive a tag with your number (must have to receive door prizes and most drawings), Tickets for the Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and Sunday ice cream.  If you ordered the catered meal you would get a ticket for that also.  In addition you get a bag of goodies.  These may include info from vendors, samples, promotional items such as key rings etc. and local info.

2010 09 04_0940

Sherry and Romeo waiting for their turn.

2010 09 04_0958    2010 09 04_0962

Most of the dogs has some type of costume-from bandanas to purple feather boas.

Saturday morning we entered The Boys and Sherry entered Romeo in the dog show. There are categories for longest tail, shortest tail, cutest male and female.  None of our dogs won but we were very pleased how well they behaved with the other dogs and all the people.  A funny story—A little boy wanted to pet The Boys.  I really prefer that people do not touch our dogs especially children.  So I told the little guy that we didn’t let strangers pet our dogs and he said that he wasn’t strange. How precious was that.

Each night there were drawings.  Prizes included: restaurant coupons,  Good Sam bobble heads, RV related books, RV supplies and more.  Jim and Sherry won Good Sam Club Road Atlas which indicated all the campgrounds that give a Good Sam discount. They also won a Glen Reader CD.  We won certificates for free ice cream at the local Dairy Queen.  We gave those away as we couldn’t use.

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