Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hurricane Hermine left us with a pretty wet day of driving.  Fortunately no violent weather or strong winds, just rain, rain, and more rain. 

It was decided that we would continue past   our planned stop in 2010 09 09_1051 cropOklahoma City and drive until we got tired.  Then we saw the Cherokee Trading Post.  We stopped and that was it.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to get back on the road. After a bit of window shopping (too pricy for our tastes) we checked into the KOA next door.  $34 to park on gravel ten feet from your neighbor.  Not a big fan.  We did have full hookups, cable and Wi-Fi.  Jim and Sherry came over to visit and we watched Big Brother then they had to dash home when the rain let up a little.

By morning it was just a mist.  Sherry and I  2010 09 09_1050walked down to the the buffalo that were in a pen near the trading post.  There was a chain link fence with barbed wire on top and an inner metal corral fence.  This kept the humans and buffalo a safe distance from each other.

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