Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zion Is A Bust

Five years ago when we came to Zion at the same time of year. We drove right in and got a camping spot. There were visitors but nothing to write home about. Not so in 2009. Coming into the town of Springdale just outside of the park, there were people everywhere. As we approached the park entrance there were vehicles parked outside the entrance and a line at the entrance gate. That was not a good sign. Tom said, “It was like the Dells, Branson and Gatlinburg all rolled into one.” The campground was full. This is a time when not making a reservation failed us.

We tried to call Cedar Breaks from the motorhome but we were in a dead zone. So we drove on a little further and I made an executive decision, make reservations at the nearest campground and regroup.

We are at the Quality Inn and Camping Resort just outside of Zion. I asked the clerk at the desk is it always like this and she indicated that September, October and November were the busiest month as adults come when the kids have gone to school.

Out our motorhome window I can see the beautiful craggy peaks of Zion National Park. The colors range from white to varying shades of red. There is also some kind of silo and a tank truck on the opposite side of the fence directly in front of us. These unsightly bits of industrialization mar our view of a truly magnificent site.

In the morning we will arrange to be guided through the tunnel on the east end of Zion and head to Bryce Canyon Pines for 2 nights and then to Escalante State Park for 3 nights. We did make reservations this time. Will use both of these as bases for our touring with the car.

We thought we could relive the excitement we experienced five years ago.

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