Monday, September 7, 2009

On the Road--Finally

This is just a portion of the nearly 200 RVs at the Illinois Samboree.

We left home about 6:45 a.m., stopped for gas before we got on the Interstate and were finally on our way by 7 a.m.

After a few minutes everything that was going to fall off the table and counters did. Just minor stuff. There was some settling of items in the cabinets and the usual noises.

The ride was a short one, but could have been shorter. To avoid construction on the Interstate we took a not so shortcut on local streets.

We arrive at the Samboree about 10 a.m., are given program/rules booklet. While at the check in tent we are greeted by Steve from our camping group and directed to a space next to them. It only takes a few minutes to setup. We have electricity and water is available if needed.

There is something to do all day if you choose—games, seminars, pet show, and ladies lunch. I chose to nap. My sleeping schedule is messed up. I’m up in the middle of the night and dozing when I should be awake. I dozed on the way down, I after we got here, I dozed visiting with friends, and I dozed during announcements before the entertainment. Did snore? Was there drool?

I didn’t sleep through Friday fish fry at the VFW though. I didn’t expect to like it because the fish smell hit me when we walked in the door. I only like fish that does not taste or smell of fish. To my surprise the fish was quite good.

Each evening there is entertainment. They are always unknowns who travel around the country doing events like ths. All that I have been to over the years has been entertaining and this year’s entertainment was no exception--just an amazing amount of talent.

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