Monday, September 14, 2009

Heber City-Jordanelle State Park

Jordanalle State Park is our campground near Heber City, UT. It is an excellent facility. But, what you can't tell from this photo is that the campground is tiered and there is barely a level site to be had. That is fine if you have levelers, we don't. So the back of the motorhome is lower than the front. The good news is that the bathtub/shower drains really well. The bad news is that the only things holding 14,000 lbs. of us in place are the brakes, a board and a rock. A bit unsettling.

Click lick on the photo enlarge it and you will see a red oval, which is our campsite; a red rectangle, which is the WiFi and a red arrow, indicating wind direction.

When we arrived the wind was strong. I liken it to downtown Chicago, or I guess any other big city, where the wind is funneled through the canyon walls created by the tall buildings. Well, the wind seemed to increase during the evening and into the night hitting us broadside and rocking the motorhome with incredible force. I had a difficult time getting to sleep as I thought we would tip over. I must have fallen asleep finally, because when I woke up at midnight and the winds had died down.

We have a beautiful view of the reservoir and dam. That is a really nice feature of this campground--you can't have a bad view. Mountains are all around and the reservoir, too. We could probably see Mel and Tom in their campground (less than 2 miles from us as the crow flies) but they are hidden from view by the dam.

The view from our motorhome window. In the center of the picture is the dam.

Mel and Tom in their backyard.

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