Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday’s Tales

Monday night was spent at a huge camping resort. About half the sites were permanent. The others like us spending the night or weekend. The place had the remnants of Labor Day campers and the comings and goings were incredible. Cars, RVs, golf carts and motorcycles. Yipes.

Departed camping resort at 7 a.m. Heading for cousin Bette’s just over the Missouri River. We attempted to call Bette the previous evening and while doing so discovered that the cell phone charger quit working. Great. Well we asked “Jill”(GPS) to find a Wally Mart. She found one nearby and I found a charger, yippee. After being back on the road a short time we discover that the check light is lit on the fridge. Great. We stop at a rest area and Tom taps on this and whacks that, nothing. Great.

Well we carry on to Bette’s have a really nice visit. Caught up on family, talked genealogy and had a very nice lunch. Monte, Bette’s husband found us an RV dealer in Fremont, NE down the road. Well we never made it there. Tom turned the wrong way and “Onward Ever, Backward Never” is his maxim. So onward we went as the temperature in the fridge went up. After about 60 more miles we tried it again and it stayed on but it just stopped the rise in temp.

I have compiled a list of RV dealers on our route so will be stopping tomorrow.

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