Monday, September 14, 2009

When Bunny Ears Are Not Bunny Ears

Here are some of the locals at the Lucerne Valley Campground at Flaming Gorge. They may look tame but they are definitely wild.

As you can see Tom is standing very still and the pronghorns (mother and two young ones) grazed their way right by him. What you can't see and Tom didn't see was the ram approaching from the left through the trees, while I am having visions of Tom being gored. So I am gesturing with both arms close to my head and up in the air, then pointing to the left in the direction of the ram. While I am frantically doing this Tom is nodding his head and pointing in what is obviously the wrong direction. So I repeat the gesturing.

Only when the ram emerged from the trees and headed toward his family did Tom realize what I was all about. Later I find out that he was pointing at a bunny all this time.
I wonder if anyone in the campground saw what was going on. I bet they would have thought we were pretty funny.

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  1. We have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard at this post! We can totally picture the hilarity as it ensued! You are SO GOOD at this!