Monday, September 21, 2009


Met some very nice people on this trip. At Flaming Gorge, we were parked next to a nice couple, who always took time to say hi or chat. As they were getting ready to leave the man came over to say goodbye. That was really nice. At Bryce Pines the folks next to us and behind us were very friendly and of course the couple from Wisconsin. At Escalante we have met some very nice folks and their big boy Chihuahua, Chico. Who were completing an unfinished trip they started last year when they were called home to assess damage when hurricane Ike struck near their home in Texas.

Not too many years ago you would take a campground walk and visit with those you would encounter. Now many don’t want to talk. They are not rude they just keep to themselves. I’ve been trying to think of some possible reasons. I can come up with a few. Full-timers—this is not a vacation for them it is their lifestyle, an everyday occurrence. Satellite television—years ago you sat outside and were available to visit. Now folks are tied to their televisions and are not outside. Younger people—they don’t have anything in common with the older generation. They are out doing it all. Biking and hiking are the most popular activities it seems. Traveling in groups—they have no reason to go outside their circle of friends. For instance, at the Pines there were members from a bicycling club from California camped near each other and they pretty much stayed to themselves.

So the friendly people are like gems. They are harder to find, but well worth it when you do.

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