Monday, September 7, 2009


We got the remainder of our things loaded; the house has been double checked and the dogs had their potty-break and were aboard.

I pulled the car onto the street and Tom pulled the Flair from it’s home next to the house onto the street in front of the car. Hooking up the car went smoothly and quickly even with all the necessary steps. Here are the steps. The tow bar is attached to the car with pins, Tom holds the tow bar while guiding me (I really need to get a video of the process but I’m busy at the time) as I pull the car/tow bar to the hitch, next we attach the various cables, and wiring from Flair to tow bar to car.

Next the car itself must be readied to tow. The transmission must be “freewheeling” in order to tow flat (all four wheels on the ground) The 4 x 4 transfer case must be in neutral, the transmission put in park and the ignition turned to the on position. I pop the hood and remove the wires for the break away switch and align them so they are not pinched by the hood or the car door. Next we turn our attention to the Brake Buddy. The unit is placed in front of the drivers seat and the arm attached to the brake pedal. The breakaway switch and the system alert cords are plugged in and the unit is plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car. Now for a system check, which is simply pressing the check button, several time to assure the brake applied.

Now we must check that the lights and signals on the car and Flair to assure are all working properly. I climb in the Flair, turn it on, then turn the left then right signals on, then the lights to check the running lights and then finally the brake. Tom is behind the car and indicates by hand signals that the left then right then running lights then brake lights are all working.

NOW we are ready to go.

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