Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Bought a Book the Other Day

The book, The Bassett Women, by Grace McClure. I always like to buy books about the area I'm visiting. The book relates the story of three very strong-willed women in the NW Colorado/NE Utah area called Browns Park. The first day I had half of the book read and could hardly put it down to get some sleep.

Elizabeth, the mother, marries a Civil War veteran 20-years her senior. The family moves from Arkansas to Browns Park in the 1870s. Elizabeth builds up a ranch in spite of the cattle barons who are trying to put her and others small ranchers out of business. The daughters Josie and Ann gain notoriety of their own.

Well, we took the auto tour of the Utah portion of Dinosaur National Monument. We purchased the guide book for $.50 and as we drove along we discovered at the very end the homestead of Josie Bassett Morris, the Josie Bassett from the book. It was exciting to come across a character you had just been reading about just by dumb luck.

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