Friday, September 4, 2009

We're Leaving in Four Hours, Why Am I Awake

I'm getting my internet fix as it will be several days till I will be able to connect again.

Well the Flair is loaded, except for milk, cereal and laptop. All that's left to do in the morining is eat, shower, check all the windows/doors, turn off the water / water heater, dump the ice in the cooler, take the above-mentioned items out, hook up the car, walk the dogs and put them in the Flair and we're off.

So far the dogs aren't acting like they know what is going on. I think it's because we have been loading the Flair a little at a time and then not going anywhere. They will be excited to go though.

They are good little travelers. Both have been traveling since they were young. It is as much a vacation for them as it is for us. We sightsee, they sniff. Everything is a new smell. I would much rather sightsee.

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