Friday, October 15, 2010

Unpacking, UGH!

Empty the freezer, fridge, three cabinets of other food; strip the bed, empty the clothes closet and cabinet (my side), medicine cabinet and haul it all inside.  Also haul in camera, laptop, printer and various other gadgets.  Wash five loads of clothes, towels and bedding.  Put everything away.  Still have shoes and miscellaneous stuff to bring in.

Tom went shopping and picked up the accumulated mail at the post office.  All needed to be sorted.  I did triage eliminating definite junk and sorting into piles for me and Tom.

Tomorrow I will thoroughly vacuum and then wash the carpets in the RV.  If I have the strength I will wash all the counters, mirrors, cabinets and tile floor.

Then sometime next week we will winterize.

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