Monday, October 18, 2010

Putting the RV Away for the Winter

I began the end-of-season cleaning on Saturday.  I began at the back, vacuuming and dusting as I went.  Next I spot cleaned the carpet with my little Bissell Spot Lifter.  This is a good size for washing carpet in our RV as space is limited.  The drawback is that it is meant for spot cleaning, not washing all the carpet.  The solution tank is small and the pick-up tank has a float the stops the picking up of soiled water if the machine is tilted too much.  This makes the cleaning process tedious, constantly filling the solution/water mixture (no water in RV, it’s winterized) and emptying the pick up tank.

I have cleaned the stove-top and fridge.  No need to clean the oven, as we rarely use it.  The bathroom has been cleaned.  The tub is separate and still needs to be washed down. The kitchen sinks and counter are clean as well as the blinds on the kitchen window.

I have three more sets of blinds to clean.  I love the blinds but cleaning them is a pain.  I want to wash all the windows and mirrors throughout the RV.  There are a lot of nose prints on the windshield.  I wonder how they got there?! 

Another project I want to tackle is replacing the carpet on the steps by the door and near in an awkward place by the bathroom door with self-adhesive tile.  Tom tells me that the carpet is glued so this may be problematic. 

I need to get this all done before it gets too cold outside to work.  Tom is taking the RV in to have some bushings replaced on Wednesday so would like to be done by then.  I didn’t work yesterday as I was trying to hash out the trip expenses. 

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