Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Balloons in the Morning, Balloons in the Evening

2010 10 02_2010 Balloon Fiesta_3592

Looking east toward the sun rising from behind the mountains.  The picture was taken from the launch field.

Our days begin by arriving on the launch field before 7 a.m.  Then walking among the inflating balloons.  It is hard to describe walking among the towering balloons.

2010 10 03_Balloon Fiesta_4189

2010 10 03_Balloon Fiesta_4167 Wandering among the balloons.

2010 10 02_2010 Balloon Fiesta_3824

The Midway

2010 10 02_Balloon Fiesta_4332

Saturday evening a Twilight Twinkle is scheduled and on Sunday a Balloon Glow, then fireworks both nights.

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