Saturday, October 9, 2010

Balloon Fiesta Tidbits

The launch field is divided into over 250 spaces designed to allow room for balloons to inflate.  Over 500 balloons can launch during a mass ascension. The term mass ascension is deceiving because all the balloons are not launched at the same time.  Balloons begin inflating and launching in waves.

Balloon arrive in various types of vehicles—vans, pickups pulling trailers and RV-like specially designed vehicles.  They arrive at their designated spaces and the balloons and baskets are unloaded.  Permission to inflate and launch is the responsibility of “Zebras.” 2010 10 04_Balloon Fiesta_4029

On of the biggest attractions of this event is that you are among the balloons as they are readied for launch.  You can talk with the pilots and watch as the balloons come alive.  2010 10 03_Balloon Fiesta_4156

For collectors, each pilot has cards of their balloon for the asking.

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