Monday, October 18, 2010

The Search for Mexican Food

Mexican food as I am accustomed to in the Midwest is based on Taco Bell as the standard.

At the Whole Enchilada Festival in Las Cruses, NM, we had as you might expect, enchiladas. These were a bland mixture of ground beef and onion. The only kick came from the “mild” salsa we added ourselves.

Next, we tried more Mexican in Alamogordo, NM. This was a local eatery, not a chain of any kind. There were a lot of cars outside when we arrived so we expected more. Sadly we had the same result. The enchiladas were huge but had nearly the same flavor as in Las Cruses. Hmmm.

Finally, in Albuquerque, we found Garduno’s of Mexico. Okay this is another chain, albeit a small one. What a wonderful meal. I believe all eight of us were pleased with our meal.

Is it real Mexican? Who knows. But it was what we perceived to be Mexican and I guess that is what matters.

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