Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old Town Albuquerque

Our Balloon Fiesta afternoons were free.  We were told that we should be back by 3:30 as after that time there is an influx of people for the evening events, so we were somewhat limited as to how far we could go.

We tried to go to Old Town the previous day but there was no parking to be had.  We were told there was shuttle service from the standard RV lot, so we got into our car and drove over there.  The shuttle tent was located in the center of that lot and we had to tell the lot “guard” where we were going.  The shuttle was $5.00 per person and it was worth it.  Shuttles ran every 1/2 hour and the last shuttle home was 3 p.m.  The shuttle stop was just off the square, convenient to everything. 

We headed to San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church where they were having a church festival. It was about lunch time so we purchased lunch from the church ladies.  We all had hamburgers but we did sample some spicy soup, which was too hot for our tastes.2010 10 03_Old Town Albuquerque_3909  

We walked around the square and in and out of many of the shops.  The guys tired of this and decided to take an earlier shuttle back to the park.  Sheri and I continued our browsing and made our way to the Candy Lady.  Mmmm, Mmmm.   The chocolate covered fruit was very expensive but I bought a quarter pound anyway.  We next found our way to a bead shop.  What a wonderful selection.  It was like going to a restaurant with too much on the menu and you can’t decide.  Well we couldn’t make a decision and went away empty handed. 

2010 10 03_Old Town Albuquerque_3915 We went into a gallery with hand made jewelry which was very high priced.  The man said the business was family-owned.  We said that prices were too high so he brought us to a display where his nieces had some jewelry on display and prices were more reasonable.  Then the niece came by with more of her work, which was beautiful but we weren’t buying.  The Uncle said that this is how the girls put themselves through college.  Talk about pressure.  But we did not succumb. 

 2010 10 03_Old Town Albuquerque_3924 There was a flamenco dancing exhibition in the center of the square.

We took the shuttle back shortly afterwards with only the candy. 

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