Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Balloon Fiesta: A Little Dust Storm

So we walk down to the to the launch field to see the Twilight Twinkle Saturday night.  We are early and we walk the Midway.  As we walk along, clouds are gathering and there is lightening in the distance.  We are still optimistic that the storm will go around us. Balloons cannot inflate or fly if the weather is not ideal. As we go along it is obvious the storm is heading for us so we head for the RVs. 

We made it back before the rain.  There wasn’t any real rain, only sprinkles.  We see that they are firing some test fireworks so we take our chairs to the roadside so we have a clear view of the show.  Our neighbors Bill and Eileen join us too.  So the six of us are sitting there and without any warning the wind comes up.  The wind was strong enough to kick up a dust storm and send us running for cover.  We ended up watching the fireworks from our individual RVs.

We were lucky to have our awnings rolled up but others didn't fair so well.  We saw at least two RVs with ripped awnings and with thousands of RVs at the event I'm sure there were more.

2010 10 02_Balloon Fiesta_4335

Threatening skies.

2010 10 03_Balloon Fiesta_4316

Sunday we went to see the Balloon Glow.

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