Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Years Has Made a Difference

We are all worn out by the end of the day! Our feet and backs hurt.  Us passengers fall asleep in the car or truck on our excursions. What the heck happened to us. I know we had more pep when we went to the Southwest in 2010. Some evenings we are in bed before 7. One night in particular I really wanted to go to bed but I stayed up to work on the blog and my feet were just throbbing and my eyes blurry. I do have to apologize for the blog as I have just put photos up with minimal comments. 

We leave the RV Park at 8 a.m. and get back about 4 p.m. and we are mostly in the car.  We have not done any hiking except for Jim, he walked the trail under the presidents at Mt. Rushmore. So you would think we shouldn’t be so tired.

2013 Sep 07_Mt Rushmore_0563

This photo is zoomed in to the max.  Jim was right under the president’s noses at the bottom of the rubble pile.

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