Sunday, September 8, 2013

Black Hills-Hermosa Day 3 Needles Highway-Mt. Rushmore-Keystone

2013 Sep 08_Map custer st park area_0574

We have yet to do the Iron Mountain Road located between Keystone and Hwy 36.  Three more tunnels on that route.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0515

Bighorn Sheep Ewes along the Needles Highway.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0517

This tunnel is 8’ 4” wide.  I remember 25 years ago driving the Needles Highway with one of our Class Cs and going through the tunnels.  This one we pulled the mirrors in to do so.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0520

Jim and Sherry’s little Honda CRV going through the same tunnel.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0535

Scenery along Needles Highway.  There are large sections of pine forest that are dying due to an insect infestation.  This is a problem throughout the West.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_05282013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_05462013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_05402013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_05482013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0551

We manage to bump into fellow Wisconsinites everywhere.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0554

Sylvan Lake on the Needles Highway.

2013 Sep 07_Needles Highway_0553

A wedding on the shores of Sylvan Lake.

mt rushmore map

2013 Sep 07_Mt Rushmore_0555

Near the gift shop and restaurant.

2013 Sep 07_Mt Rushmore_0556

Jim and Sherry walking through the state flags.

2013 Sep 07_Mt Rushmore_0557

Restaurant at Rushmore

IMHO Mt. Rushmore is way too commercialized. Everything is over the top and detracts from the mountain.

2013 Sep 07_Thunder Mt. Mine_0567

Big Thunder Gold Mine-Hardhats Required!

2013 Sep 07_Thunder Mt. Mine_0573

Mine entrance.

2013 Sep 07_Thunder Mt. Mine_0570

Jim in mill building at Big Thunder Gold Mine.

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