Thursday, September 5, 2013

In the words of Bette Davis, “What a Dump”

But we stayed anyway.

Wacky west sale ad pic

From a real estate ad.

Amenities & Highlights:

Wacky West offers water, sewer, electricity, cable TV, internet access, and a dump station. Store with limited RV and camping supplies, and gifts. Nice bathrooms and showers. 20/30/50 amp service. 32 total sites. 12 sites with frostless freeze water and sewer pipes during winter use. All sites are 50 ft long. Wacky West welcomes all sizes of campers from Big Rigs to tenters. Laundry room, fire wood and fire grates, and picnic tables. Playground. LPG (bottles only). Campground is set right beside the cowboy trail for walking and bicycling. Across the street is an Alco store (variety store) and a grocery store. Walking distance to the movie theater, fast food, and restaurant.

The above description is taken from the Passport America website. All true.  H O W E V E R . . . the derelict RVs at the entrance, junk in the park and the unkempt grounds would have normally turned us away but it was a long, hot day and we just gave in.  We didn’t know where the next facilities that could accommodate us would be. 


Our spaces are lined up along a “classy” fence made up of landscape timbers and cinder blocks, which are just at the right level to catch the bottom of our truck door. There were others suckered in by the ad.  Arriving after us were a newer Copper Canyon 5th wheel and a Winnebago Navion.  I am sure they were wondering what they were getting into, too.  We actually got the prime sites as we were not in among the riff-raff. But you better look both ways before you step out of the RV. As you can see from the photo above we are on the road.

Below are chachkies (yiddish word for trinkets and collectables) in the garden.  What you can’t see are the old toilets, some type of refrigeration unit and rusted junk just outside of the photos.


I took these photos especially for Dianne. 

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