Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fremont Lakes Recreation Area, Nebraska

The closest campground to Cousin Bette was Fremont Lakes Recreation Area in Ames, NE.  All our preplanning did not pay off when we tried to find the campground.  Road signs were unclear as to where the campground was.  The telephone number we called was for an unoccupied entrance kiosk so no one answered our calls.  What can I say, we got confused.  We went down the wrong road and when we saw a 5th wheel stopped, the driver on the phone, we shrugged it off and went around him.  We saw a huge sign that said “Lake something-or-other” and went for it.  Big mistake.  We got the grand tour of a very ritzy subdivision.  Fortunately we didn’t get into what I like to call an “unfortunate situation” (a place where you either must disconnect the car if you are in a motorhome of back the trailer up). Through trial and error we found our way out of the subdivision thanks to a helpful lady bringing the garbage cans in from the street.

We had a lakefront back-in site that we got in the first try and Jim and Sherry got a pull-through across from us.  The campsites were not clean.  There was bits of garbage scattered around, dog poop, and cigarette butts all over. 

I didn’t even take a picture of the campsite.  The park is located around twenty sand pit lakes.  Some large enough for powerboats and water skiing and some that only allow electric boat motors or canoes and rowboats.

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