Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boy is it Hot!

It was hot when we arrived here in Henry, IL on Wednesday. By the time we got set up we were pretty sweaty and out of sorts. I was so lazy from the heat that I didn’t even venture away from the trailer all day. 

We did go out for dinner to Taco Rio, a local Ma and Pa eatery that serves Mexican fare.  Their claim to fame is the “Big Ass Burrito,” which, according to the menu is wrapped in a 14” flour tortilla. I chose a chicken Burrito, Jr. still way too big.  I didn’t like it as it had both white and dark chicken meat in it.  I am strictly a white chicken person.  I couldn’t finish it.

Thursday brought some relief from the heat as it was overcast.  We took advantage of the lower temps and took a trip to Tanners Orchard about 20 miles away. In addition to apples they have baked goods, preserves, dips, spreads, corn salsa and produce.  They also have a limited menu of soup, sandwiches and a daily special in addition to turnovers, pies, apple donuts, etc.  They accommodate busloads of senior citizens as well as student field trips. 2013 Aug 28_Illinois Samboree_0309 copy

Above is a photo of our group. Four of us clustered around one utility pole and Jim and Sherry under the arrow.

More hanging around the trailers in the afternoon.  We are fortunate to have a nice size maple tree next to our trailer. With the awning, the tree offers plenty of shade for the ten of us to get some relief from the heat.

Then it was time to eat again and we were off to Lacon, IL to The Pizza Peel.  We discovered the Pizza Peel last year and we think it is the best pizza ever.  After that a stop at the local fudge/wine shop then home. 

Three of us went up to the main building for the evenings festivities and drawings.  Carolyn won a Dairy Queen coupon.  Ours was one of only about a half dozen numbered chips remaining in the cage after the drawings.

Friday was oppressively hot—99, 100, 101 depending on who’s thermometer you were looking at. Humidity levels were extremely high too.  I finally had to go in the trailer and lie down, the heat was making me sick.

All day the temperature in the trailer crept up till it finally peaked at 80 degrees.  The air conditioner was working it’s hardest.  But a 20 degree difference I pretty good.  And it did feel good when you went inside.

Activities continued throughout the day but we mostly stayed by the trailer.  Tom has been helping out with garbage collection in the mornings. He gets to drive a golf cart around to get the garbage. 

They had a dog show on Friday but we didn’t enter ours.  It was so hot I felt sorry for the dogs dressed up in their costumes.  Saturday Tom participated in a golf game called Closest to the Pin but he came up short.  Get it, haha.

Sherry brought greeting cards that she had made to the flea market.  They are really works of art, however, in previous attempts to sell them for a price that is more equal to the time and materials that were put into them, people just would not buy them.  It is a shame.  So Sherry was selling them at a huge loss yesterday. 

We got up a team for bean bag baseball.  We had a really good inning-12 points.  But we were one-inning wonders.  It was fun, but no prizes this year.  Sunday we have a team entered in a trivia contest, we’ll see if we have better luck  playing trivia than we did at baseball or golf. 

2013 Aug 31_Illinois Samboree_0301

The theme this year was Hats Galore.  We thought about making some kind of decorated hats but found these little clip on hats at a shop in the Wisconsin Dells.

Friday’s entertainment was  26 year-old, Matt Barber, who sang songs made popular by Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, etc. Saturday we had the Accordion Club of Peoria—they were quite good.  Sunday’s show was country singer, Mike Cruz. The canned background music was better than he was.  Enough said on that topic.

2013 Aug 31_Illinois Samboree_0302

Our gang got a team together for “Team Trivia”  and we won!!!  We each received a pin.


We will get things pretty much packed up this afternoon as we will be leaving in the morning.  Next stop—somewhere in Iowa.

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