Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodlettsville (This entry got lost in my draft folder-oops!)

The hot weather continued during our visit with Tommy and Grig. In spite of the heat we had a great time.

Grig came to the campground for supper on Thursday evening, but the remainder of the visit was at their house. I thought we could have everyone over at the campground and we could swim and hang out at the campsite. Didn’t happen. It was too hot to sit outside and the pool was the size of a postage stamp.

We went to what was a favorite restaurant on Friday evening. We got there before 5 p.m. and I ordered white meat fried chicken. The waitress came back to tell me they were out. OUT of white meat chicken on Friday evening at 5 p.m. Come on. So I ordered another special from the white board—baked ham. OMG the ham was so dry and generally yucky. What a disappointment. Won’t go back there!

Met the horses’ new landlords. During the big flood in the Nashville area, Tommy and Grig had to evacuate their horses due to rising water at their boarding stable. They intended to just tether them in the yard until they could figure out what to do when their neighbors up the hill saw them unloading their horses. The neighbor offered the uses of two stalls in their stable for free. After a while it was apparent that it would be a while before their former boarding stable was back to normal, so it was decided to make more permanent arrangements with the neighbors. This seems to be working out well. The stable is much nicer than the old place and it is walking distance from the house, not a 20 minute drive each way. Not having to drive is saving the guys both time and money.

We always have a great time with Tommy and Grig. Eat, shop, hang out at the barn, eat, play games, eat . . .

2010 jul tom-grigs_0788

2010 jul tom-grigs_0776

The guys have a butterfly bush that was just loaded with butterflies.

2010 jul tom-grigs_0786

Planning a DYI project.

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