Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping Through the Years

70 something adventure wheels 1970 Something 22’ Adventure Wheels—Taken on the way to Myrtle Beach.  This was the first RV we purchased in ‘82 or ‘83. This motorhome had a rear dinette with a pull down bunk above.  We got a lot of service out of it.    79 Volkswagon Camper Van1979 Volkswagen Camper Van—That’s me and Joe taken in the mid-‘80s.  Next we purchased this VW camper.  Imagine two adults and three kids on a trip to Florida.  Me and Tom up, Amy and Tim down and Joe on a hammock above the front seats.  I don’t know how we did it.

73 Midas Class C

1973 21’ Midas —Taken in Washington, D. C.  Note there is no air conditioner.  Had this one for a few years.  As you can see it was small enough to take in the city.  How did we make it without air?

skamper pop up

Skamper pop-up year unknown.  We had this for a short time.  As we had a boat, we decided we wanted to pull the boat instead.

We also had a Skamper slide-in truck camper  on our 4-cylinder Ford Ranger for a short time.  Couldn’t find a picture. 

The only time we used it was when Joe and Sue took it on an outing.  It was cold and the pilot light on the furnace kept blowing out.  So Sue was in and out of bed all night re-lighting the pilot.  The same weekend Tom and Tim took the van up north fishing.  They were cold in the van too and headed home early.  Sue would not be bested by the guys and made sure they got home first, in spite of the miserable conditions.

When it came time to leave, the campground exit was up a steep hill from the river bottom and the poor little ranger almost didn’t make it.

78 Winnebago class C

1978 24’ Winnebago Class C—Taken in Spokane, WA.  Sadie our Black Lab in picture. This was a really nice unit.  The layout worked really well for us.  The sofa and dinette were up front, the kitchen was in the middle and the bath with a large wardrobe in the back.  The bunk in front was huge.

88 bounder Washoe st pk nv

1988 32’ Bounder—Taken near Carson City, NV.  This was our first Class A.  It was “tired” when we bought it. I will write another time about all the “adventures” we had with the Bounder.

2009 Trip West 020

1995 32’ Flair—Taken in Zion NP.  Our current RV.

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