Thursday, July 1, 2010

North Carolina Trip—Day One

  • Fridge Trouble (Self-inflicted)
  • Is the Garage Door Closed
  • Road Construction in Indianapolis and Indiana Roads in General
  • Hidden Paradise Campground

Fridge Trouble (Self-inflicted)

Here we go again.  The motorhome was on the street and the car was hooked up when we noticed the fridge did not light.  When we were at the Wisconsin Samboree two weeks ago we had problems.  We asked around and were told that the igniter needed cleaning.  So after cleaning, it worked fine. 

So here we are ready to go and we are trying to clean the igniter.  I had the idea to get the can of compressed air from in the house and blow the dirt off.  So into the house I go—open the garage, unlock the inside door and search for the can.  I found one can that was almost empty in the laundry room cabinet.  On to the basement.  After some digging I finally found it.  Now back outside, making sure all the lights are off on the way. 

So Tom starts squirting air around the igniter while I go inside to check the fridge.  No luck.  Try again and again. No luck.  Then Tom asked me if the LP Gas Detector was on.  I check and no flashing green light.  That means it is off.  The LP Gas Detector is also an on/off switch  for the gas valve.  It must be on for any of the gas appliances (fridge, water heater and range) to work.  So once I turned it on everything it worked. 

Is the Garage Door Closed

I had just pressed the garage door button and we were just putting everything outside together when the neighbor stops on his way to work to talk.  Now, of course, I don’t look to see the door go down.  

We are on the road about 20 miles away when I thought about it.  Was the garage door closed?  I may have looked as we were leaving but couldn’t be sure. So I call Joe, mind you it is before 8 a.m.—not a good time to call.  Joe does not get up early as he works 2nd shift.  What luck he is up and will check the house for us. Whew!

Road Construction in Indianapolis and Indiana Roads in General

I don’t now what Indiana does with it’s highway money, but it certainly was not spent on I-74. Except, of course, in Indianapolis on I-74/I-465, where three narrow lanes barrel along at breakneck speeds with absolutely no room for error. Try this in a 32 ft. motorhome pulling a car.  I could almost reach out my window and touch the semis in the right lane.

Hidden Paradise Campground Somewhere off I-74

A sprawling campground with riverfront sites, wooded sites, so many sites (168) we didn’t get to see them all.  The camping directory states typical sites are 34 ft. wide.  They didn’t give us one of those, oh no.  Our site was about 10 ft. from the motorhome next door.  On a corner near the bathhouse and laundry. Traffic was constant.  Things did settle down finally, then someone started shooting fireworks off.  Very loud fireworks. 

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