Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 4th Weekend Reunion Part 1

We planned to meet on Friday, July 2 at the Greensboro Campground. Tom has used MS Streets and Trips to plan our route and each day puts the info into “Jill” our Garmin GPS and we are set.

Problem--our Streets and Trips is 2005. Tom has found Fields Campground, which he called before we left to make reservations. He is told that “Greensboro Campground (GC) has taken over for Fields. GC doesn't tell him that Fields is actually closed and GC is getting their calls. So Tom makes reservations for four nights and enters the address for Fields Campground in the GPS.

“Jill” works like a charm and took us right to Fields. Taking a wrong turn or getting lost in a strange town is always stressful, but when your vehicle is a 32’ motorhome pulling a car it is worse. You cannot back up towing a car, so you need a space to turn the whole thing around or you are forced to disconnect the car. Disconnecting the car is no big deal except it is just a pain. Well we find a place to turn around and stop to check our camping directory which has the correct address and directions. When we get home we will invest in a current MS Streets and Trips. You will see that getting lost and misinformation is a theme for the weekend.

Dave and Amy did not have the same trouble we had and got to the campground a couple of hours after we did. It was sure great to see everyone. Ally and Brandon have gotten so big in the year since we last saw them. Ally will be going to choir camp in Greensboro the following week and that is why we decided to meet there.

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