Friday, August 14, 2009

A Tale of Three Screenrooms

Last summer our screen room, which we use when camping collapsed during an overnight rainstorm. We had it for several years and really liked it for it's size and ease of assembly.

Last fall Tom was out bargain hunting and found a screen room by the same manufacturer at Wally Mart. We didn't need to use it at the time so just packed it away for a while. Well we figured we needed to bring it on our trip so set it up in the yard the other night. It was a bear to set up. We really could have used another set of hands. Our former screen room was rectangular and fit nicely next to the motorhome on a narrow campsite. The 15 x 13 footprint of the new one was just too large.

Returning it was no option as the 90-day return period as Wally Mart had passed. So a posting on Craigslist did the trick. It was sold in a matter of hours. So we store-hopped until we found a new one. It is not as easy to set up as the first one but much easier than the 2nd.

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