Thursday, August 13, 2009

Patiently Waiting

Our 1995 Fleetwood Flair
Preparations have begun. The Flair's breaks checked, tires replaced, it has been greased and the oil changed and Tom has waxed the whole thing which took almost a week. Oil has been changed in the car.
I purged our inside storage removing anything we haven't used in a while. Compartments were rearranged. I made space under the bed to put 2 laundry baskets for hampers. This freed up space in the wardrobe (where we previously had a hamper) for more clothes, shoes and other necessities.

Tom did the same for the outside compartments, removing fishing tackle and poles, extra chairs and other items we have been toting around for years.

Carpet has been cleaned, floors have been scrubbed, and everything has been spiffed up.

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