Friday, September 2, 2011

How Does a Week Fly By

P1030026The whole point of the trip To Florida was to see new Grandson, Jacob.  He did not disappoint.  He is adorable.  Grandmother talking.  No, really he is.

We did try to help out as best we could.  We ran Brandon to school a couple of times and picked them up from school also.  They just started school two days before we arrived.  Ally has changed schools and they now go to different schools.  They both have homework each night so we didn’t hang around in the evening so they could get that done.2011 Aug 27 B-day Parties_8225

Ally turned 11 on Thursday so the grandparents Smith and Schlueter went out to eat with Ally and family to Olive Garden.  Baby, Jacob, does really well in restaurants as far as we’ve can tell.  We went to Anna Maria’s Oyster Bar the night we left and he was fine there too. 

Both Ally and Brandon are very bright.  Ally is very musical and is taking choir in school.  She was part of an extracurricular choir for two years but since here school offers choir as an elective she is taking that.  She also can play the piano, having taken lessons in the past. They would like to start her back on piano again. 

2011 Aug 27 B-day Parties_8190Brandon is quite the artist.  He loves to draw.  Right now they are pencil sketches, but he has potential.  I asked him about art class and he said he doesn’t like painting or sculpture, just drawing.  We gave him a paper airplane kit and he just loved that.  It came with an instruction book and patterned paper.  The instructions were difficult for me to understand but in no time there were airplanes everywhere.  We bought him a ream of copy paper to use for his drawing and airplanes as a parting gift. 

Another thing about Brandon, he is no longer shy and quiet.  Man can that kid talk.  As his dad says he doesn't need anyone else to converse with, he just goes and goes and goes.  I am sure glad he overcame his shyness.

2011 Aug 27 B-day Parties_8202Ally had her kids birthday party at a roller rink on Saturday.  It was nice to see here with all her friends.  I don’t remember roller rinks being that loud.  Ally wanted birthday brownies instead of cake.

2011 Aug 27 B-day Parties_8227She had a party with all three sets of grandparents that evening.  It was fun to be there to see here open her presents.  She requested Edwards Cookies and Cream Pie for dessert.  Good choice.

P1030033It was a busy week but a great time. Our last night there we went to Anna Maria”s and we all came back to the RV to say good byes.  The kids got a chance to say goodbye to Quark and Harley, too.

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